Erasing Iraq: The Human Costs of Carnage

by Michael Otterman & Richard Hil with Paul Wilson

Pluto Press 2010

For nearly two decades, the US and its allies have prosecuted war and aggression in Iraq. Erasing Iraq shows in unparalleled detail the devastating human cost.

Western governments and the mainstream media continue to ignore or play down the human costs of the war on Iraqi citizens This has allowed them to present their role as the benign guardians of Iraqi interests. The authors deconstruct this narrative by presenting a portrait of the total carnage in Iraq today as told by Iraqis and other witnesses who experienced it firsthand.

Featuring in-depth interviews with Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan and from Western countries, Erasing Iraq is a comprehensive and moving account of the Iraqi people’s tragedy.

“If I could only recommend one book that provides a comprehensive overview of both the situation in Iraq today, and the decades of U.S.-backed policy it took to create this nightmare scenario, Erasing Iraq is it.”

- Dahr Jamail, independent journalist, author of The Will to Resist and Beyond the Green Zone.